I offer personal coaching for acting, audition preparation, and improvisation. All sessions are held at The Ted Herbert Music School (880 Page St) in Manchester, NH. For more information, please contact me; I’d love the chance to work with you.

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Some Commonly-Asked Questions (with their answers!):

Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: $26 per half-hour session, paid for the coming month. Our schedule could look like a half-hour per week, an hour every other week, or another arrangement that works best for your time and budget. 


Q: How often would we meet?

A: That is up to you, though I highly recommend regular (weekly or bi-weekly) sessions. If you’re not interested in a long-term arrangement, that’s fine too! We could work for just one month, or just one afternoon. I should also add that I am in the studio on Thursdays. If that absolutely doesn’t work for you, contact me and we can work out other arrangements. 


Q: What does a session with you look like? 

A: Not trying to dodge the question, but it will really depend on what you want to accomplish. Our first session together, we’ll talk about what projects you’re working on and what your goals are, and plan our trajectory for the future sessions. Your goals (i.e. audition preparation, general acting experience, improvisation) will determine what we do in each session. But I trust that you’ll have fun and be challenged in a judgment-free environment.