Wit Week 2017 Highlights

Last week marked Stagebite’s first major event—Wit Week 2017!

It took place over at the Stagebite Facebook Page, and saw wily witsters come out of the woodwork to compete in daily challenges for points and prizes.

Monday’s challenge started off simple.

Challenge Monday

Quotes ranged from the poignant…

“Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” – Barbara Undershaft, Major Barbara (Michael C.)

To the absurd…

“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know.” – Groucho Marx‬ (Mary F.)

Tuesday prompted witty captions for some unusual photos. Highlights include:

Caption Photo5
When I suggested we get together to ‘ketchup’ this is not what I had in mind. (Melanie R.)

Caption Photo4
I tried pilates, but found yoga was much more ribbeting. (Melanie R.)

“Would you call this yoga?””Nah… seems like a bit of a stretch.”‬ (Conor R.)
Caption Photo3
And that’s why you don’t run with scissors‬. (Conor R.)

Wow you guys are cut where do you work out?‬ (Tony B.)

Caption Photo1
Apartment for rent in NYC on 3,000 a month!!!!!‬ (Pepper N.)

A quarter! I saw a quarter! (Len D.)

Give me my damn SOCK!‬ (Melanie R.)

Wednesday ramped it up another notch. Equipped with the previous day’s Witcraft article, competitors had to form a joke or pun from these two categories:

Challenge Wednesday

The outcome was impressive; here is a sampling of responses:

What do you call it when Eric Clapton hits your car with his guitar? A Fender Bender.‬  (Amy A.)

Frank Oz may have driven the Muppets to success, but he should also be remembered for his work with a Toy Yoda. (Elle M.)

Thursday’s challenge was similar to Wednesday’s, but added another category, and the chance to score based on how many categories could be incorporated into one joke. Sure enough, some of these word slingers were draining three-pointers faster than Stephen Curry!

Challenge Thursday

Coming in 2017: Good Will Hunting Dogs! With special appearance by English Springer Spaniel Craig, and music by the Bloodhound Gang.‬ ‪A mere lap dog solves a complex equation at the dog park!‬ (Cady H.)

My reptiles like to recreate movies when I am at work, I walked into them laid out on a large piece of graph paper, they were “snakes on a plane.”‬ (Melanie R.)

Friday morning, competitors logged on to see this:

Challenge Friday

For some, this was the first time they had seen the logo as a bug! How about you? Primed from the week’s wit workout, several great suggestions were tossed into the ring. Antgela Lansbuggy (by Elle M.) was a charming name, good for third place. ANTigone (by Amy A.) snagged second. But first place, and now the official name of the Stagebite Acting Bug?

Lady MacBug announcement

Congratulations to Jenna C. for crafting the perfect name for our mascot.

When all was said and done, after bonus points were awarded for encouraging support of other competitors (Cheers to Deirdre B., for leading that category!), the results were in.

In third place was Mary F., who received a Golden Wit Medallion and a Battle of Wits Necklace.

In second place was Elle M., who also received the Golden Wit and the necklace.

The top witster of the week was also the only one to score enough points to earn the Sparkling Wit Medallion. Cady H. emerged as the victor of Wit Week 2017. In addition to winning the necklace, Cady also won punderdomea copy of Punderdome: The Game. Though, it remains to be seen if anyone will dare challenge her in playing it!

As I have expressed all week, thank you for your involvement in Wit Week! It was so encouraging to the wide variety of styles of humor in this community, and I got to laugh a little bit each day. I hope you did, too. If you haven’t already, come give the Facebook page a like, and jump into the conversations and activities that transpire there.

Also, if you have an idea for an article that you would like covered on the blog, or you want to recommend an exemplary leader in theatre for an interview, please contact me!

And as always, I would be honored to talk further about personalized acting coaching as you hone your craft this year.

Stay witty, my friend.

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