Stagebite’s Wit Week 2017!

Calling all witsters, word slingers, and wannabes! Monday through Friday this week, at the Stagebite Facebook page, there will be a different challenge to showcase your wit! Your responses to the day’s challenge will score you points.

Each day’s challenge will be harder than the previous day’s, but will offer more points that you can earn.

At the end of the week, the wit wizard with the most points will receive a copy of “Punderdome—The Game”Punderdome.png

Also, the top THREE wits of the week will win this handcrafted necklace that will fashionably diss any witless passers-by.

AND! Depending on how many points you score over the course of the week, you will receive one of four digital medallions to commemorate your achievement.



How to Earn Points:



Daily Challenges:

Check into the Stagebite Facebook page to see the Challenge of the Day. There will be a new challenge every day! Respond to the posted challenge with your wittiest answer. Some challenges allow you to score for multiple entries!


FB like.pngLiking Stagebite on Facebook:

Any time during the week – “Like” the Stagebite Facebook page to receive 5 points! (If you already have, great! Free points for you!)


Community Involvement:

fb-hahaIt’s incredibly important to me that our interactions with each other are encouraging and uplifting. I will bestow points to players who I find particularly positive. Encourage others by liking their entries and replying with how much you enjoy their wit!


The Boring Rules:

  • Only responses on the official Stagebite Blog Facebook page will be scored.
  • Keep your witticisms and interactions with other players clean, positive, and fun, please.
  • Each day’s challenge will close at 11:59pm EST.
  • Winners will be announced over the following weekend.
  • Physical prizes (i.e. Punderdome and necklaces) will only be shipped to residents of the United States.
  • Any ties for physical prizes will be broken by the administrator (that’s me) based on a subjective method that I will invent if I need to.

And we’re off!

Showcase your wit, invite friends, encourage others, and have fun! I’ll see you over at the Stagebite Facebook Page! And don’t forget to check in here at the blog on Tuesday and Thursday for exclusive articles dedicated to wit!

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